Together with our clients we make brands live. We make them profitable. We seek the highest possible design quality down to the last detail. Our design is long lasting. Our design is environmental, it contributes towards economic and social sustainability. (с) empatía®

Empatía® is an Argentinian-based design agency operating in a global marketplace. 
Founded in 2013, by designers Nicolás Vasino and Jonathan Vasino, this ultramodern studio is fond of simplicity and clean structured design, believing in the power of concept design as the operating philosophy and consistently pushing for creative innovation. Right now Empatía® is considered a growing and fresh studio looking for the excellence in every design, and showing the highest creative and conceptual content.

B.O.I.D. journal: Empatía means empathy in English, why was it choosen as your studio name?
Empatía: Empathy is being able to see things from another's point of view, to feel what they feel. And that is just great. Truly understanding people is the key to leading our studio to success. That’s why we ended up calling our studio empatía.

B: Tell us, please, about your Team structure, your organization, the work process and philosophy, your relationship with clients.
E: Clients are important. When you run a design studio, it’s important to remember that your clients are the heart and soul of your business. The type of clients that we choose to work with says a lot about our studio, and likewise, the fact that they’ve chosen to work with us says a lot about them. Just as the client chooses the designer, the designer also chooses the client.
Maintaining a great relationship with clients is vital. We like to listen our clients, empathizing with them. This is the most important stage of the method where we like to invest plenty of our time and energy. Some clients ask for a boat, when actually what they need is to cross a river. Truly understanding our clients is our goal and should be the goal of every designer. Every single person is different, and every project is a new challenge, and that's why everyone needs a new way to talk to their audience. We like to educate our clients and satisfy them and ourselves at the end of each project. 

B: What are the results, impact, and added value of your/the studio's design work?
E: The fusion of the latin-american with the european stlye is a symbol of empatía®. We see our studio inspired by the energy and diversity of Latin American values. We are part of a studio that is at once modern and classic. We do not design by calculator or by trends. We built long lasting designs which isn’t a victim of trends. We tend to relook constantly at each of our works as we design the new ones, which keeps the whole studio portfolio unified. We have designed packages two years ago that are still in use as if it were designed yesterday.  In the beginning of every work there is an idea, but the road to that idea is not always so clear.  The clarity comes from doing and making, trying and retrying. We really are a group of creative and very sensitive people. Honestly, we do not have a specific formula, we do not want to fall back on formulas. You have to be true to yourself, to make a plan, to follow a consisten path. When we design, we always have our studio in mind. We are vey faithful to our method and our studio; modern, pure, classic and timeless

B: What are your thoughts on the industry?
E: We live in a world oversaturated with products and services, the battle to win consumer's attention is quite difficult. Products, services and brands seem to be infinit, whereas consumers seem less and less. All companies need to communicate their attributes, ideas and values. Our goal as designers is to create these communication channels for companies to successfully reach and connect with their future clients. But above all, it is no longer enough to think of a logo design, designers also need to consider current social behavior patterns and how to deal with cultural values relationships. Today’s main challenges are the protection of the natural environment and overcoming mindless consumption. This is a matter that must be taken seriously nowadays. We would like to come back to the importance of designers to improve the society in this process.

B: What are the passions, inspirations, influences, mentors, people and ideas that have influenced the studio? 
E: At empatía® we have had the chance to collaborate with an incredible range of amazing companies and talented people from all over the world. And if there’s one thing that we’ve learned is that people feel happy when they’re able to create widespread empathy for the world around them. Empathizing help us to create better innovations, services and quality design. And it’s not about doing what others want, because surprise is key. It’s not about doing what someone thinks they want, it’s about listening to their reaction, trying to sense it and then find a that missed thing.

B: What are the studio's main accomplishments/projects of interest?
We love packaging design. This is one of the best plus of our studio. Packaging plays a vital role for a company, it defines the character of a product and is an instrument to create shelf impact. A good design packaging persuades the shopper to buy the product inside it. Our packaging designs are honest and authentic so that consumers are able to get the information in a quick and simple way.

B: What do you think about your popularity in some communities such as Behance?
E: We’re happy, honestly, really happy. Proud, even. There’s so much talent out there. Design communities are a very useful tool for creatives. You have the opportunity to look what the rest of the world is doing. I truly believe that inspiration lies in curiosity, in what you see every day, in what you read and listen to; in every little thing that passes through your field of vision or engages your senses. Things begin to accumulate, and when it comes time to design something, you draw on what you’ve collected. We are very lucky to be followed by thousands of people from all over the world. It’s a wonderful recognition of the work done by our team. What has worked for us –and still works- is not quitting and being passionate about we do.

B: Tell us, please, about design in Buenos Aires.
E: The University of Buenos Aires is currently the best ranked Argentine university and the access to the university is free of charge for everyone, including foreigners. We were proud to know that it has produced more Nobel Prize laureates (four) than any other spanish-language University. The quality of Argentinian design has earned a global reputation and it has been constantly transforming and evolving since the 70s. More than 40 years later it is fully recognized globally beacuse of its highly level, power mix and its purity. The design atmosphere in Buenos Aires remains focused on its educational mission of developing creative leaders and innovators in art, design and architecture. Argentina is leading the way with disciplinary programs within Latin America. We have great designs to unfold and to be shown. 

B: What are your plans for the future?
E: Our plans for the future are quite simple. We want to contribute to the whole design community. There is a necessary need to minimize the visual pollution. Both designers and clients face a social responsibility for today and for the future. We are moving towards a new form of design that involves utility and sustainability.
We need to go back to the pure and to the simple. And simplicity is the key to brilliance.


Bulle restaurant by empatía®. Year 2015


Luthia by empatía®. Year 2015

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