Photo: Partners. From left to right: Jorge Zamonsett, Daniela Guerrero, Daniel Larsen

Sabbath is a multidisciplinary brand consultancy based on Monterrey, Mexico. Simplicity, functionality, neatness and modern aesthetics are pilars in their methodology. They shape ideas with their expertise to create innovative and integral forms of digital and print communication.

B.O.I.D. journal: How was the studio founded?
Sabbath Visuals: Founded in may 2014 by Jorge Zamonsett, as a freelancer in his spare time mainly to create more diverse and experimental projects than his full time job at that time. Later in January 2015, Jorge discovered the outstanding work of Daniela Guerrero and Daniel Larsen and decided to go on a partnership together and make Sabbath a full-time studio.

B: Tell us the story of the studio name.
SV: The official meaning of the word Sabbath is the seventh day, the beginning & end of a cycle. For us, Sabbath is a dynamic translation of the original concept. It's an eclipse, the inception of a new ideology. 

B: What is the main focus, studio values?
SV: Designing a brand involves way more than having good taste. It is a combination of based facts, research and design based on the clients needs. We’re not artists, our goal is to make successful, functional and beautiful brands. Honesty and Loyalty are the most important values we have for us and our clients.

B: What are your key principles in work?
 Research + Functionality + Design.
 Extreme attention to detail.
 Everything that we do it’s based on grid.

B: What is a good design for you, and how to distinguish it from the bad?
Are there any artists or designers that have influence on you or what do you particularly appreciate?
Why and what do you like in their work?

SV: For us good design is functional design.
Jorge: H.R. Giger, Wes Craven, David Cronenberg
Daniel: Lance Wyman, Hayao Miyazaki, Tadao Ando
Dany: Roanne Adams and Jessica Walsh

B: How is the work process organized, which part of the work process do you consider the most important and why? Tell about team members and their roles.
SV: Our work process is to research and learn as much as we can about the project, the inspiration flows when we know the real approach. Clients need special treatment, for us each project is a relationship.
We like to involve the clients as much as we can in the process to have amazing results.
Daniela Guerrero / CEO / Executive Director 
Jorge Zamonsett / Art Direction / Design / Digital 
Daniel Larsen / Creative Direction / Design

B: What do you prepare before the official meeting with your client? How do you present a project for a client, what's your main rules?
SV: We like to know the prospect clients for an initial meeting before making any proposal, we listen carefully and investigate the core of the project. Make suggestions about the real approach, what the client needs and we have to offer. For a project presentation, we consider important to do a recap of the goal and the personality we gave to it, we then showcase the work trough a presentation and talk about process steps. 

B: What are the differences among the clients from Europe, America and other continents?
SV: It’s amazing and challenging to work in long distance projects, we learn so much during the process and are more connected to the clients, we keep them updated as much as we can so they can feel secure and happy with the process.

B: What is the best moment of the day? How do you arrange your work and leisure time?
SV: Definitely when we turn up the computers and get a cup of coffee

B: Your favourite project.
SV: Boiné Clinic is one of our favourite projects, our client let us create as much as we wanted, we used different kind of papers and finishes to achieve the aesthetic we were looking for and the result was amazing.


Boiné Clinic by Sabbath Visuals. Year 2015


Seis Chiles by Sabbath Visuals. Year 2015

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